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Dr. Fine

Welcome to Clark Academy,

We are excited for the Winter season as various programs are underway.  We have implemented a curriculum, which focuses on both mindfulness and positive choices in and out of school.  Our students have the opportunity to explore various techniques that encourage social/emotional growth aligned to individual successes.

We have partnered with the Visions and Voices Playwriting program, which allows our youngsters to be a part of creating personal scripts and narratives, which will translate to on-stage performances.  Our curricular opportunities have expanded into pre-AP courses, honors enrichment, and school-work/transition experiences.  Some of our upper-classmen and women are attending Westchester Community College, involved in both home-health programs and Technology programs.  These courses end with a certification, which enhances their marketability, post high-school.

Clark Academy is committed to positive growth, individualized learning-style accommodations, and connection.  Our Positive Behavioral Intervention System (PBIS) is focused on a systemic approach, including but not limited to celebrations, weekly events, and student recognition.  A meaningful connection includes respect and care that encourages authenticity for each individual in the group (Kessler).  Our staff collectively are interdependent upon each other; and live/learn as a system with a student-centered mindset.  Our programs have expanded into 21st century learnings regarding a makers-space and coding classes.

We are proud of our students/schools successes to date and recognize that change is a process; not an event (Fullan).  Our work is explicit towards our systemic progress, locally and globally.  In addition to our work internally, we are focused on providing our "soon-to-be" graduates, internships/work experiences so as to support their success after KCA.  Thank you for what you do and please call or email if you would like to visit and/or have any questions.


Peace in the New Year and Keep Up The Good Work!

All the Best,

Dr. David Fine

Thank you to our very own Gabby Shallow, Musa Mohammed, and Roland Nkansah for contributing to both The School Yearbook and/or the school website. Your curiosity, time, and passion are very much appreciated!

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