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Dr. Fine

Happy Summer,

Our theme for July/August is, “The Summer of Peace and Success.”  First, let us say, congratulations to all of our Seniors who graduated this past spring, 2018. We are proud of their work and excited to hear about the positive changes they will make in the world. The lovely Prom, fantastic Graduation numbers, and excellent Regents results truly ended our year in a positive fashion.  

This summer’s program is filled with opportunities and experiences for our youth.  We are running numerous enrichment courses including but not limited to engineering, a girls group, paper crafting, robotics, literacy blocks, and drama/poetry.  We have designed a community lunch whereas our staff/students have the chance to check/connect and create collaborative experiences with and for each other.  Our book for the summer is, Ready Player One, a 581 page thriller.  Each student will engage in the reading process collectively.  

As always our work with St. Christopher’s is focused on solutions, children, and making each day better than the next.  Planning trips, equitable opportunities, and positive experiences is paramount.  In addition, various youngsters will be out in the community doing internships and/or getting work experience.  We have designed on-campus school-based enterprises such as the Clark Café, Clark Closets, Maintenance projects, and Art experiences for selected youth.  All of our academic programs, work-experiences, career hours, and social/emotional support align with well-rounded and positive citizens.  

We wish you, your families, loved ones a peaceful and successful summer!  
Thank you for your support and partnership.


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